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A friend (who is an economist) recently (January…I’m clearing drafts) installed R and asked for some pointers. This is just what I sent him, any additions of learning resources, data sources, or/and packages are very welcome. Economics specific * [A list of useful resources for economists using R]1 (I won’t repeat their stuff here) * Econometrics packages on cran: * This is a list of datasets you already have, if you type “data(swiss)”, for example, it loads the swiss fertility & socioeconomic indicators (1888) data as a dataframe (for interest, this one shows datasets that get downloaded when you install various packages ) * [A blog to ‘show how easy it is to use R in econometric research’ –]2 see r bloggers below for more blogs

General r resources * I would recommend installing ‘[knitr]3

which lets you write integrated R & markdown. * Google is your friend…but also, [Stackoverflow]4 is incredibly useful, there’s a rich set of already answered queries (and often, asked in more than one way), and you can always ask your own question * [r-bloggers]5 collates r blogs, has lots of useful tips, e.g. [this search on economics]6 * [datacamp]7 has a very nice an [interactive web-based r]7 and datascience tutorial * [The r manual]8 is useful (if very dry) * [inside r]9 has lots of interesting things, e.g. * The rstudio online-learning materials are nice * rstudio blog often has interesting bits and pieces








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