1. I started off wondering about the implications of technology and a particular view on the mind for our understanding of knowledge and its assessment.  http://xkcd.com/903/ 2. But of course, sometimes it’s not as easy as reading “a view, and the opposing view”, e.g. many news outlets simply don’t report on certain issues https://xkcd.com/470/ 3. And of course, testimonial knowledge does matter http://xkcd.com/1170/ 4. And you can find people aren’t speaking the same language; good informants personalise. http://xkcd.com/953/ 5. And how people frame their information seeking, and decide when a lack of answer is informative (i.e., that it indicates there is no answer, or it gives positive information about something), or just that people give up. http://xkcd.com/1334/

Finding Knowledge: Assessing Knowledge in the Age of Search from Simon Knight