As educators, we want to use the various tools available to us – from Blackboard, to Google Forms, or maybe even Twitter – to support student learning. By using these tools, we can get data on what our students are doing, and connect that data to our overall gradebook. However,  often different tools give us different data formats, or different groups of students engage with the tools differently. Unfortunately, one of the things I sometimes see with educators or other folks who work with student data is that they either: * End up manually copying student submissions from e.g. google forms into blackboard, or * Give up, either just not using the data, or switching to use a different tool (or pen and paper, etc.) Two really simple tools can address most of these problems though, using excel, google sheets, or another spreadsheet tool: * Vlookup – using this function, for each student in a gradebook you can lookup their StudentID in another list, and find a value against that ID (e.g., find their quiz response, or score) * Pivot tables – using this tool, for each response from a set of students, you can summarise the responses by student (e.g., if they submit lots of times, you can get their ‘average’ response) I’ve created a dummy dataset – available and embedded below – to demonstrate some of these functions…I may append a video description at some point.