I just went to a reading group, reading Keith Sawyer’s introductory chapter to the Cam Handbook of Learning Science Click to access R.%20Keith%20Sawyer%20-%20New%20Science%20of%20Learning.pdf Interesting talk and a really nice introductory text (which I may well dip in to again at some point).  Points to note from my perspective: 1) the sorts of study we do should reflect the purposes for which they’re being deployed – I think this raises confusion re: whether education is a science or not; our studies need to be dynamic to reflect the fact that they will be deployed in highly variable circumstances. 2) knowledge pedagogy (learning) everything else Policy needs to be grounded in what we think knowledge is, from which pedagogy should be applied.  Pragmatism, social constructionism, post-modernism (ha) are epistemological stances, instructionism, constructivism, apprenticeship models, etc. are pedagogies.  They’re related, but the pedagogy should be secondary; at the moment in my opinion pedagogy, and a top down ill considered notion of knowledge are combined to provide a fairly inadequate system.