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This post is adapted from: [This Wikimedia UK page]1 and gives some direction to ways people might get (quickly) contributing to Wikimedia projects!  It’s also worth having a look at [60 ways to help new editors]2. Quick tasks (while the coffee’s brewing) * Use [wiki-todo]3{.extiw} to look for little jobs on random articles (it suggests what you can fix!) * Choose a category related to [where you are]4{.extiw} or what you’ve studied, and click through to copyedit (less random but still short) * Pick any article that [the Guild of Copy Editors thinks needs help]5{.extiw}, and help it * Play the [WikiData Games]6{.extiw} * Find [citations needed]7{.extiw} and improve the quality of sourcing in articles * Have a go at transcribing the text from photographs (of things like foundation stone inscriptions) * Go to [recent changes on Wikipedia]8{.extiw}, look at the edits by users with redlinked talkpages, welcome those who make good edits and revert and warn the vandals. * Add an image to an article. [We have a list of UK articles without images]9{.extiw}, for roughly half of which there will be an image on Commons if you look. * Update yourself on the situation around [systemic bias]10{.extiw}, and consider what one thing you might do differently in future editing Medium tasks (Making & drinking the coffee!) * Go to the [Wikipedia Reference Desks]11{.extiw}, find a question within your area of expertise, and answer it * Know another language? Look for articles needing [translation from English]12 or [translation into English]13{.extiw} * Can you tell maps and building plans from other images? [We need people to find maps amongst a million British Library images]14{.extiw} so they can be geotagged and added to Wikimedia Commons Longer tasks (afternoon in the café?)
* Take photos of locally significant buildings, landmarks etc and share them via Wikimedia Commons. Checkout [WikiShootMe]15{.extiw} for articles near you needing photos * Write a biography, or significantly improve a stub. * Women are particularly under-represented. Improve or create an article from [this list of women without biographies]16{.extiw} or [this one]17{.extiw}; look at [Wikipedia:WikiProject Women’s History]18{.extiw} for more ideas. * Take a look at the list of requested ‘biography’ articles, e.g. [LGBT figures]19{.extiw} or [UK citizens]20{.extiw} * Or choose someone from the category of [biographies needing attention]21{.extiw}. * Improve a topic area: * Choose an open task from [the wikiproject that exists to counter systemic bias]22{.extiw}. This list is mostly articles to create, improve, or review. * Take a look at the list of requested ‘topic’ articles, e.g. on [LGBT topics]23{.extiw} * Have a look at articles which exist in other encylopedias, but are [missing in Wikipedia]24{.extiw} * All the basics of [contributing to Wikipedia]25{.extiw} can be learned in two hours.




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