I recently ran an internal HDR (Higher Degrees Research) workshop around research framing and questions, based on some earlier materials for which I’d also created a session on research and ethics.

The workshop materials are (3rd party material excluded) under a CC-By license, and available below (the links are to Notion pages, with embedded resources). They cover:

Session 1: Research and Knowing ( https://tinyurl.com/TD-res-01)

  1. What is research?
  2. What does research look like?
  3. Introduction to Transdisciplinary research
  4. Mapping the logic of research
  5. And then some material on methods and validity (and how to explore these)

Session 2: Using Questions to Drive Research ( https://tinyurl.com/TD-res-02)

  1. What research questions are and why they’re important in research
  2. Developing research questions
  3. Types of research question (images are largely from honours research project development, with thanks)

Session 3: Research and Ethics ( https://tinyurl.com/TD-res-03)

  1. What is ethics?
  2. History of research ethics and its core features
  3. Why aspects of methods are relevant to research ethics concerns
  4. Thinking about ethics as deliberative and complex