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Bridging Learning Analytics and Learning Sciences – ICLS Workshop

Simon Knight, Saturday 28 June 2014

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ICLS workshop underway

On Monday this week 2nd year PhD student Simon Knight co-chaired a full day workshop at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) in Boulder, on Learning Analytics for Learning and Becoming in Practice. The workshop website (including all accepted papers) is available hosted by KMi [here]1 and provides further information regarding the themes of the day, as well as a static copy of collaborative notes taken during the course of the workshop. The day brought together a set of experts in the fields of learning sciences and learning analytics, alongside early career researchers and practitioners, to discuss how developing analytic techniques might relate to learning theory around notions of ‘practice’ and ‘process’. The workshop provided a bridge between learning analytics and the learning sciences, and was the first learning analytics workshop at an ISLS conference. It’s hoped the conversations will continue, including in a [special issue of the Journal of Learning Analytics]2.   # KMi at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences Simon Knight, Saturday 28 June 2014

ROSTRA imageBoulder Colorado – not the worst place for a conference

This week 2nd year PhD student [Simon Knight]3‘s been attending the 2014 [International Conference of the Learning Sciences,]4 in Boulder Colorado. In addition to [co-chairing a workshop on learning analytics]5, and productive dialogue with the international community, Simon also presented a [paper]6 ([slides]7, [video]8) on a developing [‘epistemic network analysis]9‘ approach to learning analytics around epistemic cognition research in information seeking tasks. The paper was a direct result of an ongoing collaboration with the [epistemic games]10 group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who Simon [visited]11 last summer.