Measuring value in social media projects

Back in 2011, just after I’d finished teaching, I applied for and got a Nominet Trust internship to write a report on social media use in 3rd sector organisations, and how it might create/measure ‘value’. This is now rather out of date – a lot has happened in the last 3 years(!) and 3rd sector organisations have really built impressive online presence, social media communities, and social networks in that time. There might still be some relevant material in there though and it’s come up in conversation a couple of times fairly recently so I thought I’d just give it a quick glance over for glaring errors and then post it up. I should also note it never got past a “near final draft” stage (i.e. it’s very rough around the edges).

Anyway, it can be downloaded by clicking the document or: [Measuring value in social media projects]1