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This post is just archiving some outdated material from the ‘about’ page (I did ‘1’, I didn’t really do ‘2’, I rarely do ‘3.1’, I decided ‘3.2’ was too ugly and didn’t align well enough with how I was using the blog, I rarely use ZotPress (3.3) but it is installed, and I never quite got around to working on the Wiki-Wordpress integration…) I did write [quite a lot of blog posts]1 though…(And move to [Reclaim Hosting]2 and my own domain) # This Blog I originally set this blog up for a number of purposes 1. As a record of my PhD, including bits of professional development and so on – I’ll blog about key articles, conferences, talks, etc. and that’ll all appear here (as will links to things I do externally) 2. I am considering writing some, or all of my PhD on the blog. Doug Belshaw (at Mozilla Foundation now) wrote his online – [the never ending thesis]3 – and I think it’s an interesting idea; I also find it incredible that while some of the online tools aren’t reflected in offline ones, the same is also true of the reverse – a prime example is the poor quality of reference management software for online collaborative writing environments 3. I want the blog to showcase, and be a sandpit for, some of the tools I’m using or hope to use. There’s a great blog which has explored some of the collaborative writing tools. I now have a number of plugins installed on my WordPress (although note, as of May 2014 I’m not really using most of these actively): 1. Anthologize – to produce a book from wordpress posts (and Enhanced Publication which is also a book creator associated with Enhanced Biblipub below) 2. – to allow paragraph level commenting and discussions on blog posts 3. Enhanced Biblipub and ZotPress – both of which are WordPress based bibliographic management tools which sync with Zotero. At the moment as far as I can see both require you to find the reference’s ID (a string of random letters) and insert those into the text, rather than supporting the kind of GUI users might be used to in Word, but both will also create a reference list of in-text citations. 4. WikiLite – which allows you to embed wiki style articles as blogs. I wanted to install this because I wanted to use some Wiki based functionality, specifically transclusion and document histories to create a more dynamic online CV, but it appears not to be that functional unfortunately. The ability to allow anyone to update an article ‘wiki style’ might be useful in the future though, so I’ll leave it there for now.