Does acquisition of (propositional) knowledge drive know-how or does acquisition of know-how drive knowledge. UK ed predicated on former
Hold as little in your head as possible…but arrange it in as meaningful a way as possible in & out…. An aim for edu?
The problem with libraries is they organise info we previously had to sort ourselves…brain rot for sure
@julianhuppert fav assessment fact@the moment: in Denmark, they allow www access for some school leaver exams (and some unis too)
Dissertation on epistemic implications of ‘extended mind’ for assessment finished – ‘knowing’ in the context of ‘search’ can be split…
into knowing ‘that’, ‘how’ and meta-cognitive strategies including ‘information literacy’ and ‘information retrieval strategies’
@dmlcentral my PhD will look at the cognitive basis for some individual differences in search & how students use search collaboratively
@msurman a Mozilla resource bank inc. software (and add-ons) for edcation wld be great; I like to think of it as/call it ‘edubrowser’
RT @bayhouselearns: @TESconnect why have classes ‘work’ in silence when they can learn in collaboration? Classrooms need to be learning communities. Writing for Your Peers Makes Your Writing Better Than Writing for Your Professors