Something I’ve really enjoyed at a couple of conferences I’ve been to is having visual minutes – visual depictions of sessions and discussions (notably at [WikiCon]1 and the [Society of the Query Conference,]2 I also know [someone]3 [far cooler than me] who does this for money). One company wot does this made a nice video And it turns out, there are loads of people who [create visual minutes]4, plus people like [Bryan Mathers]5 who does ‘visual thinkery’

The T-shaped student…
A visual thought from a talk by @Jisc at epforall edchat education

— Bryan Mathers (@BryanMMathers) June 9, 2015

Then of course, my colleague Simon Buckingham Shum et al., have developed systems like [Compendium]6 to create knowledge cartography systems which have (amongst other things) been used to [‘live map’ election debates]7. So one thing I’ve been thinking about recently is how do people (even ‘non-artistic’ people) think visually and how can we support that? I’m really pleased that Theresa Anderson and I have a poster at LAK 2017 on my ‘dear learner’ idea, based on the fantastic [Dear Data]8 hand-drawn data postcard project. I’ve also come across a few great people playing in this space:

Don’t forget your sunscreen ???????? Source: CDC survey, % of white people that said they had been sunburned at least once in the last year, 2004mdwdatasketch

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  • This great pinterest on ‘street-art data murals’ (although, might be * Data Therapy (from MIT) also have some nice ideas on creating a [Data Mural]9 and building [data sculptures]10 So – what else am I missing in the hand-crafted data-art world?