Cygnus buccinator -Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Missouri, USA -flying-8

By US Army Corps of Engineers from USA [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, mostly for longevity’s sake (I won’t be at the OU forever afterall). It slightly worries me that it leaves me more exposed to issues…but long term, obviously the right thing to do :-). I used: * The [duplicator plugin]1 to copy everything, including plugins theme, etc. * I thought I’d need to use the [URL Updater plugin]2, which alters the old URLs ( to the new (, I also thought about using [Search Regex]3 and the [Redirection plugin]4 but in the end remembered I have access to the .htaccess file and just wrote a rewrite…I’ve not done this in the cleverest way (e.g. because I re-set-up my recipes to post new posts, and I redirected the RSS feed, EVERYTHING just got posted at once as new – my bad). And I’d originally wanted to leave a holding page on the domain, but never mind (I can add that later). I went down the duplicator road, I know using would also have worked (and indeed it isn’t that much hassle to just import content and then plugins, although for some plugins including group security, which I have on another install, it is problematic). If anyone spots any issues, please let me know. Everything should be working exactly as before, and all the old URLs should redirect to their parallel pages. I think I’ve lost a couple of comments on the ‘phonics’ post (sorry) but other than that there shouldn’t be any loss, and I’ve been holding off posting anything for a while in prep for this so all posts are copied across (and I was duplicating edits on my CV, etc.)…which I think covers everything.