[]1 [Python-logo-notext]2 At [KMi]3 we have a hosted RStudio – [cRunch]4 – managed by [Fridolin Wild]5. A recent addition to the capabilities is a Python package – [rPython]6 (and [here on CRAN)]7– allowing users of the server to call Python from within RStudio. I was originally interested in getting this setup in order to play with some of the language processing capabilities of Python (e.g. for [processing document texts]8), I think I’ve now found R equivalents for at least some of the functions I was looking for, but I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes open for any interesting Python functions. The fact I can now work more easily with colleagues using Python (e.g. by sharing and embedding chunks of code) is also a nice addition. So – any suggestions for things this might be useful for?


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