Residential neighborhood in south Boulder, Colorado, below the Flatirons image

Residential neighborhood in south Boulder, Colorado, below the Flatirons CC-SA image available

Some good news! My ICLS workshop proposal (with Simon Buckingham Shum, David Williamson Shaffer and his students Wesley Collier and Golnaz Arastoopour, Alyssa Friend Wise, and Paul A Kirschner) was accepted. We’ll be putting something more formal together over the coming week or so, in preparation for paper notifications (mid-Feb as I recall). In the meantime, TAKE A LOOK AT THAT PHOTO and also, here’s a very brief description of what we put in. Even the little info on this page may change a bit but it gives a bit of an idea of what we’re proposing and why it’s exciting.    

Brief Description Learning Analytics sits

at the intersection of the learning sciences and computational data capture and analysis. Analytics should be grounded in the existing literature with a view to data ‘geology’ over ‘mining’. This workshop explores how analytics may extend the common notion of activity trace data from processes to encompass practices, with a working distinction for discussion as:

  • Process – series of related actions engaged in as part of learning activities
  • Practice – repertoire of processes organised around particular foci recognised within a social group The workshop intersperses attendee presentations/demos with relevant theme-based discussions.