A colleague (also working on EdFutures wiki) asked about some stuff on collaborative learning and dialogue a while ago.  I didn’t have time to write a long review (although, see bottom of page for 2 things I’ve contributed to on this topic) but these are some key texts/things I’d google on that topic. Bob slavin Virtual Math Teams Thinking Together IWB project at Cambridge T-media project at Cambridge

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To plug two things I contributed to, the first of these is an accessible introduction to dialogue in the classroom, the second is a much longer (but teacher oriented) ‘book’ collection with openly licensed texts on a variety of topics including dialogue in the classroom (the team worked on this, I was the primary person collecting the texts, editing them together, organising them, adding link text, etc.).

Knight, Simon. “Promoting Dialogue in the Classroom.” In Developing Interactive Teaching and Learning Using the IWB, edited by Sara Hennessy, Paul Warwick, Neil Mercer, Lloyd Brown, Diane Rawlins, and Caroline Neale. Open University Press, 2013.

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