We’ve been doing work to develop a space (‘CIC-around’) to allow students to: 1. Collate posts, so a portfolio can showcase existing work 2. Provide access control, to ensure the work can be viewed by the right people 3. Structure posts, such that certain fields are prompted for in the writing of a portfolio post – for example, asking for ‘evidence’, ‘reflection’, and so on (implemented using advanced custom fields, with a category/taxonomy based trigger). I’ll write a bit more about how we’ve implemented this and why another time, but for now I just wanted to collect some resources for this (and the plugins, etc.): 1. [eportfolio example description]1 2. example Southampton Uni [eportfolio profile (on mahara)]2 3. [jisc artcile on eportfolios]3 4. [Calgary University eportfolio description]4 5. [Catalyst for Learning resources and research on eportfolios]5 6. [WordPress for eportfolios by Michael Seery]6 7. [University of the Arts London ‘workflow’ eportfolio]7 8. Description of [discussion on eportolio’s]8 on ALT list 9. [resources and research on wordpress eportfolios]9


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