Here’s a fun project for someone: Build a module that can generate the dates of major events that vary year by year (such as Easter).  There’s already a  [module for generating the date of Easter]1 and dates tied to it (such as Good Friday). There must be other events that vary year by year, I guess Mayday in the UK is one. Of course, some are made a bit more complex by the use of other calendars. There’s a module for [converting the year between calendars]2, and in JavaScript John Walker has written [calendar converters]3 for many major calendars. So – could something like the [list of Hindu festivals]4 have a generator that takes e.g. the current Gregorian year {{#time:Y}} and gives us the dates year on year automatically? (A big challenge here is working out which calendar is being used and how, etc.!) Festivals and holidays such as Passover would (I think) be the same. An interesting project…