I’ve just returned from the US where for the last 10 days I’ve been attending the 5th Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) conference, followed by a short trip to visit colleagues at Rutgers University School of Communications and Information. At LAK, I was co-organising a workshop on Temporal analyses of data – [It’s About Time]1 – you can checkout the website and [Twitter hashtag]2 for that.

We’re busy looking at data &tools at LAK15Time, LAK with @HeyltsGol and Wes Collier from the Epistemic Games Group. pic.twitter.com/UNfwdcfnk7

— Eni Mustafaraj (@enimust) March 16, 2015

Then later in the week I presented [a paper on the conceptual grounding for my empirical work]3 in a session on ‘Text and Discourse Analytics’ – a really strong theme throughout this year’s LAK. I got to give a longer reprisal of that paper at Rutgers the following week, to a small informal group from the [School of Communications and Information]4.

@sjgknight giving a talk @RutgersCommInfo on collab info seeking cis in educational assessment DigitalLiteracypic.twitter.com/7nrY2oCrn3

— Chirag Shah (@chirag_shah) March 24, 2015

There I also spent some time talking to the [infoseeking group]5 about our collaborative work together, and particularly some ideas around analysis of [etherpad-collaboration]6 and sequence analysis. I also got to catch up with Randi Zimmerman (see e.g. [this presentation]7) from the Graduate School of Education, who has very similar research interests to me and it’s always a pleasure to exchange (and build!) ideas with. The talk there can be viewed:


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