[Thinking]1Some nice videos on the Network of Programs in the Learning Sciences (NAPLES) website: 1. [Bill Sandoval giving a great account of situated epistemic cognition,]2 and why epistemic cognition is such an important area of research for the learning sciences 2. Then Bill again giving an [interview also around epistemic cognition]3 what marks it out as a distinctive area, and some suggestions for early career researchers 3. Then Clark Chinn giving another excellent account of [epistemic cognition and especially its relationship to epistemology]4 4. And Clark giving an [interview also around epistemic cognition]5 its relationship to other areas and suggestions for early career researchers 5. You can also hear Helenrose Fives talking about teacher epistemic cognition and assessment on soundcloud These are brilliant summaries and introductions into why I’m interested in the area! 🙂


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