If I teach any sessions/courses I’ll add them here/as sub pages.  I’ll also be adding teaching materials here as I produce them.

Degree level and above

  • Arguments, Evidence, and Intuition – Undergraduate level subjects 36201 and 36200
    • Autumn, Spring and Summers 2016/17- subject tutor and guest lecturer
    • Summer 2016 & Autumn 2018 – subject coordinator
  • Data Science for Innovation – Masters level subject 36100
    • Autumn 2016 & Spring 2018 – lecturer
    • Autumn & Spring 2017, Autumn 2018 – subject coordinator
  • I have delivered a number of sessions on ‘Writing Tools for Research Writing’ introducing writing analytics and technologies to support higher-degrees research students in their writing, e.g. based on these slides
  • I ran a library data carpentry session on data literacy and getting started with teaching open data
  • 2013 Epistemology and Learning Analytics – week on the Learning Analytics Online course, week outline, youtube replay of live session, and introduction to epistemology post – written for the week

Teacher education and classroom resources

Posts on teaching

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