Notes to self, might be useful to others (I found the process a bit confusing)…

The Nectar Cloud can be accessed by anyone with AAF access. UTS is an AAF subscriber, so anyone with UTS credentials, staff or students, can access Nectar Cloud resources. The Nectar Cloud can also be accessed by anyone belonging to one of the organisations on the AAF subscribers list:

Setting up RStudio using Launchpod

You can set up an instance of RStudio, relatively easily, by using Intersect’s Launchpod. This will setup an instance of the RStudio server software on the Nectar Cloud….it gets a bit confusing (for me at least) because you have to move between two sites.

RStudio is on the Nectar Cloud. You have to login there first & get an “OpenStack API” password per (

Follow the guidance on the Launchpod link above on how to setup an instance of RStudio

RStudio will take 10-15 minutes to launch and you’ll get an email; you can access RStudio using a browser window (which the email will link to).

The instance does have a MySQL database setup (root, root), so you’ll want to install RMySQL to play with that (and possibly something like MySQL Workbench to The MySQL default username is ‘root’, password is ‘root’

  1. You can access this (probably most easily) from the shell in RStudio, I uploaded an sql dump within RStudio & loaded that within the shell using: mysql -p -u root < sknight.sql 5.

Go to: to view your instances (and restart them, etc.)