Haßler, B., Hennessy, S., Knight, S., & Connolly, T. (2014). [Developing an Open Resource Bank for Interactive Teaching of STEM: Perspectives of school teachers and teacher educators.]1 Journal of Interactive Media in Education, in press. Is now online (in fact, it has been for a while). This is a paper arising from work I did on the [ORBIT project]2 at Cambridge when I was working as a Teaching Associate post-MPhil. Abstract:

Much of the current literature related to Open Educational Resource (OER) development and practice concentrates on higher education, although a growing body of work is also emerging for the primary and secondary school sectors. This article examines the user perspectives of teachers and teacher educators, regarding: discovery of teaching resources; what they know about OER; their sharing practices; and their perspectives on resource quality and trust. The research was done in the context of the Open Resource Bank for Interactive Teaching (ORBIT), a JISC-funded Phase III OER project at the University of Cambridge. ORBIT is an OER Resource Bank containing more than 200 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) focused lesson ideas for primary and secondary teachers as well as serving as a resource bank of OER to be used by teacher educators in a variety of settings.


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