Flipping Textbook – Specifying a WordPress Toolkit

One of the new projects I’ve joined (as a late addition) is the ‘flipping textbook‘ project – a collaboration between CIC/MDSI, the library, and IML at UTS. The idea is to work on a ‘flipped textbook’ – getting students to write textbook elements in their course, going through the editorial process, and creating the textbook as a resource for that course. The team has looked at some of the existing platforms for open book writing, e.g.:

But I’m also wondering about wordpress, in part because (in another project) students will be engaging in a community-based wordpress multisite installation, and writing there already. For this extra purpose of creating a collection of written resources for publication, I’m imagining that ideally we’d want students to be able to:

To create a collaborative open authoring environment, what else would we need? What other tools are available? Do the tools above meet the need?

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CC BY 4.0 Flipping Textbook – Specifying a WordPress Toolkit by Simon Knight is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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  1. Joe Corneli says:

    Interesting links; I used WordPress in a collaborative writing project, but we recently switched to Github and I think the team is happier with that.

    For some early work in this area, here’s a reference that might be of interest:

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