One of the things I’ve spoken to a few people about on my US trip is the pressure the 3 year PhD creates on thinking about jobs quite early on.  In the US with people taking maybe 5-7 years, this is less the case (and funding arrangements are so different anyway it’s a different game!).

So!  I’m officially looking! (But not really, not properly for another year at least…besides, it’s the wrong time of year right now).  I am, however, thinking about where I want to be paying attention to when I do apply.  I know some places I’d like to work, but I can’t guarantee they’ll have openings/funding.  And of course, the ideal project might pop up somewhere ‘unlikely’!  Of course, I also want to think about the location and future prospects of my next step.  Anyway, to that end I’m going to start collecting together some job hunting links here (in no particular order except the first one):

Of course, many jobs will never hit one of these sites (I guess particularly industry jobs).  Not sure how to keep track of what’s going, when…but my Linkedin profile might be one way I guess *cough*.  Welcome other thoughts on this in the comments/via twitter/email/pigeon.  (In parallel to this post I wrote a “what am I doing a PhD in” post discussing the difficulties of labelling topics and disciplines, especially in inter-disciplinary work)

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